Plexus Worldwide MLM Review — Is it Scam or Legitimate?

Having just been established in 2006, Plexus Worldwide has rapidly grown into one of the largest Leading top MLM companies in the world. Offering various products in the health and wellness space, their “pink drink” for weight loss aided explode them into the spotlight. While the buzz connected with the company seems to have receded from its peak, they are still performing pretty well and continue to market their products around the world.

Plexus Worldwide Overview

What is Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus Worldwide is the leading direct sales company. Plexus was established in 2006 by Tarl Robinson. At the time, Plexus only marketed one product — an in-home breast health kit. One could clearly say that direct selling was in Mr. Robinson’s blood. Both of his parents earned their full-time earnings as distributors in direct selling companies.

Plexus Worldwide History

In 2002, Robinson shifted to Arizona and started to expand his skillset into estate management. But, he still had an enthusiasm for direct selling. He began Plexus in 2006 with their single breast care product. The company began to develop swiftly, and today it has over 20 wellness products in its portfolio.

Today the plexus worldwide company makes over $500 million in yearly revenue. In 2017, the company’s precise figure was $562 million. While they have a broad distributor network of around 700,000 representatives, they make use of less than 200 full-time employees. Plexus has been named by Direct Selling News as one of their Most reliable Places to Work, and they have been often starred on the Inc, 5000 lists of fastest-growing companies.

Company Investigations

Plexus has witnessed its share of investigations and allegations during its fairly short lifetime. Most of the centre of the accusations around the products themselves and the marketing or promoting of those products. Plexus has gone into some hot water for marketing their products as remedies for diseases and ailments instead of just as uncontrollable supplements.

In 2014, The FDA took a special exception to the selling of several of their products such as Fast Relief, ProBio5 and BioCleanse. The FDA circulated a warning letter to Plexus with explicit examples of verbiage from their website where false or misleading allegations were being made. Plexus was advised to quickly cease the misleading advertising.

Despite the advice from the FDA, the Truth in Advertising group still discovered over 100 fraudulent claims on Plexus’ website in 2016. Also, the Environmental Research Center sued Plexus for abandoning to give clear warnings to its customers that some of its products included lead. Finally, the company is involved in multiple lawsuits between founding members and members who left the company and joined other MLM’s.

Plexus Worldwide Products — Everything You Need To Know

Having just 20 products, Plexus Worldwide does not have an wide range of product line like many MLM’s. All the company’s products are concentrated in the health and wellness space, from creams and serums to nutritional supplements. They however market their original product, the Breast Check Kit, and their unique breast cream is now Plexus Body Cream.

The most famous product that the company markets is their Plexus Slim or “pink drink.” This is a weight loss supplement meant to balance one’s blood sugar and curb hunger desires. While many customers love this product, many think that it is a gimmick.

Another significant thing that the organisation pushes is the prominence of gut health. They market many products intended to advance gut health, which they state diminishes bloating and leads to a healthier and more satisfied customer. In addition to single products, Plexus markets many kits that are included in a blend of several of their products. They also like to sign up customers for auto-ship delivery so that the next shipment of product is automatically billed and dispatched on a standard timetable.

Plexus Worldwide Compensation Plan

To earn anything with Plexus, you must be an equipped Ambassador. This implies that you must be current on your membership fee and attain a least monthly volume in sales. While their compensation plans vary somewhat by country, the basics of the plans are somewhat the same.

Download the Plexus Worldwide Compensation Plan

Reps make commissions on their individual sales; however, they do not begin receiving a commission until they reach $100 in sales for the month. After that breakthrough, they earn 15% up to $500 in sales and 25% above that. Another excellent way to earn an income is through Favoured Customer bonuses. Each time an ambassador signs up a Preferred Customer, they make a bonus on the products that the customer orders based on the type of product. Those bonuses vary from $4 to $28 depending on the product. Finally, strengthening your business and building your team provides you with the chance to earn extra commissions and bonuses.

Set up Perfect MLM Compensation Plan Online

Making Money With Plexus Worldwide

he demand for weight loss and wellness products is enormous, so how is the chance for marketing Plexus products? Since the company has a vast network of approximately 700,000 distributors now, the market for Plexus products is moderately saturated. Most reps hardly earn enough to break even, while there are a very tiny few who earn a considerable income.
Sadly, Plexus has not been releasing up to date income disclosure statements with comprehensive information. The most up-to-date detailed information that can easily be found online is the 2016 income disclosure statement.

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Is Plexus a Pyramid scheme?

Plexus is a health and wellness MLM company whose supplements focus gut health, inflammation and glucose metabolism. When these three areas of health are balanced it boosts your immune system. Which also assists with weight loss and natural pain management. There are a collection of supplements and combinations that target various health issues. Clinical studies proved that their supplements are natural and plant-based. So we can clearly state that Plexus is not a fad or a pyramid scheme or a get lean fast drink.




A professional with over 26 years of experience working within the advertising and marketing communications industry.

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Arthur Raphel

Arthur Raphel

A professional with over 26 years of experience working within the advertising and marketing communications industry.

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